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Don't do the same mistake I did. I purchased the software in which I found the questions to be completely a waste of time.

I did not pass and only took one exam on one day, they email back a week later for the paperwork which I submit, did not hear from them, then they tell me they have gmail account issues (my email was not a gmail account) and I have not heard back from them ever since!!

horrible experience ! i am still trying to get my money back and have email them multiple times with no response from them, service so far has been horrible, save your money and go somewhere else do not waste your time with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pass Guaranteed Exam Answers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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PG provides much better material then any other vendor out there. Have used them for 3 years so far never failed one exam using them.

Used them for VMware and they were a great help. I use to use another vendor not worth mentioning here and some others but from my research PG has the most up to date material out of all of them I have found. I am a proud customer and will continue to use them.

By far the best vendor online that I have found thru out all these years. Keep it up PG.


I am having the same exact issue. They will no longer respond to me.

There is no accountability. Don't buy from these guys

to Anon #1596274

Used them plenty of times never had an issue with them. Still rated #1 in my books out of all the other sites offering these types of questions.

to Anon #1596290

Typical person that blames someone for failing if this is an actual post instead of themselves. If you did indeed fail you deserve it.

You try to take an easy way out you get slapped. Maybe others didn't fail and you were the only one that did. I have used PG for a good 6 years or so however use many materials when taking an exam and study.

You like to blame others for your failure when you should be blaming yourself. Your seem lazy what good is a piece of paper if you don't know your stuff.


I have used PG for a good 6 years find them really good compared to the 100s out there. If this is true sorry about your luck.

It seems all these types of sites online have posts about them and the one's that don't are most likely not very good. However, considering you have no details of this purchase even made it does sound like a post done by a competitor. Also, your wording that you have used is also very suspicious. I have never encountered an exam I failed using PG however I do study very hard for any exam I take and make sure I know my stuff before entering in any exam.

I tend to use PG for a final review before an exam but I do study very hard for any exam I take. What good is a piece of paper if you don't know what your doing.


So a person responds to your post and you automatically think I work for them. Well Im calling you out as you working for a competitor.

No order number nothing in your post to prove you even ordered a product. Read how to tell a fake post online. Your information in your post describes nothing of you even ordering a product like many other posts here. 90% of posts that are posted online and these are facts are either fake or done by competitors.

This is widely known online just search.

I hope they go after you and expose who you are. Im sure they can by contacting the site.


Lol yes Ben you probably work for them. Quit scamming people at least if they would do as they say and give you back the money. But good luck with that still trying to get my money back therefore the only people that need the order number is them, I put this comment to help anyone as I wish I would have known I usually don't post comments but seeing the lack of customer service they had and how its been two months trying to reach them an nothing has happened with my "guaranteed return" it lead me to speak my voice.

to Steph_P #1594423

No I do not work for them. Maybe you work for some other competitor.

Your comment is baseless like many here.

They should go after you and find your ip from the site. Your post just contains garbage hearsay without any proof or facts.


No order number no information most likely a fake post. I have used them many of times and find them much more reliable and better then the rest of the sites out there.

If this is a real post sorry about your luck but you won't get much better material anywhere. Used them now for a good 4 years or so and find them very reliable and responsive.

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