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Purchased a test and was reviewing what was provided and I'm not sure they validate their answers as I found 12 within the test I downloaded wrong and went to the resources and found the correct answers. Their response to me is that the customer is 99% wrong most of the time.

Seems a bit harsh to blame the customer for being wrong and not taking any ownership. I would not recommend using them due to the customer service and lack of integrity that the company holds towards customers.

Think twice before using Pass Guarantee so that you will not be taken as a dumb customer. I should have done my homework before making this purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pass Guaranteed Exam Answers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To me the post sounds like just like the other one's a competitor for sure. No order number no product information nothing.

PG should go after who is doing this and expose them. An easy email to the site to request information about the post can expose them. Seems like all these sorts of sites are attacking each other it seems with fake posts from what I gather.With regards to PG I totally disagree with this post if it is even real. I have used them for about 6 years now with my studies and have found them to be much more reliable then the 100s of other sites out there.

Good support and good products. I know it takes quite a bit of time to administer many products they offer but I do find them much more reliable and they tend to update their products much quicker then the rest of the sites out there I find.

I also give my 2 thumbs up to PG. Have helped me many times in preparing for my exams.


Have used them many of times and by far I find them much better then the other sites out there. They seem to have their stuff in order.

If I do see an answer that is wrong I email them and according to what they state they send this off to their authors for review. I do admit I did once send an email with regards to an answer and I was wrong. I do contribute and give feedback.I find PG has some of the best authors creating these exams.One of the only sites when I email them they get back to me within hours if not minutes.

Like that they have live chat as well. Your post though does sound like many others here and not having any order information sure does smell.


So basically you want everything on a silver platter. You actually had to study for the exam then.

You stated: "I found 12 within the test I downloaded wrong and went to the resources and found the correct answers." LOL PG should find who you are and expose you for being an ungrateful slime ball.I have used PG many times and find them to be much more reliable then the other junk out there as well. Will continue to use them to. I use them just as a reference but I also do take hands on classes and read a book along with my studies. Still a great resource before taking an exam though it helps alot.PG gets my 2 thumbs up.

Much better then the rest of the junk out there for sure. If you stated answers are wrong you should provide some proof so they can correct it. They are all here to help us. If I spot something I email them my thoughts as I am apart of their community trying to help others as well successfully pass these difficult exams.

However, like I said I actually know my stuff and study hard for any exam I take. When you go for that interview, you better know your stuff because you will be tested.

Keep up the good work PG. Loyal customer here.


I haven't had any issue's with them for any of my exams that I have taken. You get the occasional answer that is wrong but I can live with that.

They do many updates I find and most of the time they correct their products on a regular basis. I find them much more reliable then the other test preps out there. They update their products much faster and I find them much more reliable then the restMaybe you are wrong on the answers. If you think an answer should be corrected why not email them and give them an explanation?

Regardless, I still find them much more accurate and better then the rest out there.

Im a happy customer. Makes a good resource along with my other material I use for taking an exam.

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