I have paid for the exam $69. On the bill, the payment processor added some bs tax; I was charged a total of $74 for City tax, City transportation tax and some other bs.

So far no problems; I just need my study guide; however, when I tried to download the PDF and the study program; I was transfered to a black page for both the PDF file and the program. I have contacted -Live Chat- and "Monica" said all Microsoft exams are being updated. She mentioned, the updates would be completed at the end of the day. Ok, no problem.

Later that day; I Live Chated with "Monica". (Monica is the default account; so you could be comunicating with whomever on that CS.) and he/she/it told me, all exams are up. The following day, I tried to download the two files and the same blank page appeared; with do instructions, warnings or any other kind of directions. So in my experience, this company is a scam; I was charged for a product I did not received.

It is ok; I will get my money back from those CSs with the help of the bank. (CS does not stand for Charlie Sheen.) DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY; pass-guaranteed IS A FRAUD.

Monetary Loss: $74.

  • pass guaranteed FRAUD SCAM
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The tax is you **** is a tax from your country. People are weird.

Ya, call your credit card company and let them know you don't want to pay tax. Your a weirdo. You ordered it seems backup service which you can delete by clicking on the trashcan in your shopping cart. I suspect though your city charges tax for your purchases.

:) PG doesn't process your cards, Paypal and SWREG do so I don't know how you came to your conclusion.

I have used PG and will always use PG as they have the best support 24/7 and when I send an email I get a reply within minutes. Also, I find their products the best online compared to others I have used.


PG is the best site. I will use them again.

I have used many other vendors sites and they do not update as quick and don't have the questions that PG has. PG is the the best.


Ya for me also I purchased but download fail also 69 usd also consumer care no reply . This is cheeeting site

to Frdoffrd Salisbury, Maryland, United States #649880

I have used PG for about 4 years now and it seems this post along with others all have the same language and writing style. I have never had a situation where I was not able to contact PG.

I have used their material for 4 years and I have had much success using them. Sorry you feel this way if you actually used them.

No one seems to prove showing they ordered at all. It is just hear say if you ask me.

Try contacting them, when I email them they get back to me within 24 hours.

to Ricky Cockrell Hill, Texas, United States #655954

listen to this guy. supposedly a customer defending these *** bags and being racial. screw yourself *** bag.

to johnny #687195

Listen to you. Same writing style as other posts.

You are easily noticed. Their products are crushing their competition and I can see why competitors are worried.

Just compare their products with others guys. You will notice Pass-Guaranteed is much better quality and the price is way better for a better product. If there is anyone taking advantage of its customers its many other vendors.

PG is the best online certification vendor out there. Used them for about 7 years now.

to johnny #724152

Listen to you, I am another customer of PG and yes, you are fake and are 100% a competitor posting fake comments. Anybody with half a brain can connect the dots. Your writing style gives it away!!!

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