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This company supposedly sells certification test questions/answers. This company is a scam / ripoff.

They take your money, give you a download of incomplete questions, old questions from previous exams, and questions that have empty graphics which do no allow you to see the device configs or logs (if you get a download at all). If you give money to this company, you have no recourse whatsoever since they are not in the USA. The only thing guaranteed about this company is that you will get ripped-off. Also - Ignore the fake Testimonials on their website, as this is just bait.

If you contact their support with a complaint, they use all kinds of fake names. This company is taking your money and providing outdated garbage. If you complain and ask for a refund they will give you the runaround until you go away - same thing if you fail the exam and ask for a "guaranteed" refund. Forget about the refund if you fail the exam.

Their website hides behind a domain proxy so that you cannot find them in WHOIS. The hostname/IP address is in the Netherlands This is a scam / ripoff !!!

Stay Away. If it sounds too good to be true, then it always is.

Review about: Pass Guaranteed Exam Answers.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $63.

I didn't like: Because i got ripped-off.

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This post is very deceptive. Their servers are in Netherlands and what this post tried to say is that they are from Netherlands which is very deceptive.

You can host servers anywhere all over the world mind you Netherlands has one of the best internet speeds for servers in the world with no capping of bandwidth. Smart move to host for speed, efficiency and security.


I currently have moved my server there as well in Netherlands and I have to say it is the fastest and most secure with layer 7 DOS prevention and good support with super fast speeds. Depending on which company you go with.

This post does raise a red flag just like many others here which is most likely a competitor as stated below.

Used PG for many of my exams along with training I have taken with my work and it was a great help. - Malcom


I have to say that this post has to be one the most stupidest posts in here. Definitely seems like a competitor and more like an attack.

1) Domain proxy you mean private registration. In this day and age majority of the websites online have private registration mainly to stop spam and unwanted solicitation. Every domain provider offers this service and also recommends it. Network solutions being one of them which is 1 of the biggest providers.

Find out about it here so you wrong there.

2) Netherlands hosting is the best in the world and like the below post shows it is the central hub of the internet thru out the world with the fastest server speeds and DNS prevention which is rampant online these days. You obviously need to do your homework. This more seems like an attack which makes your post seem like a competitor which 80% or more posts done these days are from.

I have used PG for my 220-901 exam and it was full of detailed information and many drag and drops and the beautiful part of it was the explanations that helped me understand many of the questions given. I will continue to use PG over other vendors as I see them being different in the quality of there products.


Forgot to mention I have used PG for many exams and I disagree with your post. I have used many other vendors before and it didn't quite to the job like PG did for me.

Ya sometimes you get your odd wrong answer but I email them and give them the update and they fix it right away which I liked. Many of the other vendors don't even care especially the one I use to use.

Your comment on Netherlands is false and for anyone to move their host there knows what they are doing.

It is the central hub of internet in the world and rated the fastest hub in the world: mind you with Layer 4-7 DNS protection. If you want a server and a reliable server with fast speeds Netherlands is the place to go and btw everybody is moving their hosts there Facebook just did btw and sure many are going to follow.


Netherlands has one of the best gateways around the world for hosting. Mind you one of the best places to host website servers with 24/7 support and layer 7 DNS protection which most U.S providers don't offer.

Many are moving their because its cheaper and less prone to DNS attacks and malware.

Actually quite smart to host their many are moving there. I work in the Netherlands as a security specialist btw.


PG should go after these people likely competitors find who they are and expose them. It seems they have already started to according to their site.

I didn't even have to login on this site to post my comments and I can just post whatever I want here in the comment section.

Big business it seems to post garbage all over the internet without even confirming the post. Anyway went thru all these posts and it sure looks like they are all written by the same person with different names.


domain proxy get your facts straight the correct term is private registration just like keeping your phone number from telemarketers.


You mean private registration which is perfectly normal in registering a domain name since Godaddy and many others offer this so websites don't get spammed. Netherlands many people host their sites there its a major city in the world.

Websites are hosted all over the world.

You sound like a nut job. Used PG quite often and they are at least reliable compared to the rest out there.


Seems exactly like the other fake posts. Obvious this post is a competitor.

Used them for many products myself and prefer them over any other vendor out there. Just like every single post here its clearly obvious competitors have much to gain to attack others.

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