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Update by user Aug 08, 2015

PG claims I am not a real customer, so uploaded the chat image that I exchanged with Jennifer who works for PG. This company should be prosecuted by doing bad scam. Marked blacks are for the privacy.

Original review posted by user Aug 05, 2015

I purchased the BICSI's RCDD exam and failed.There was not a single one from the practice exam because it sold the out dated one.

I requested the refund as instructed on its website, but no response more than 72 hours. I even had to contact thru chat without any luck. But I was lucky the refund was resolved after 3 months thru my credit card company. This company is a scam.

Never buy anything from it. You will experience what I meant once you ran into a trouble.

I have all the evidence including chat screenshots and email exchanges to prove it.Watch and be careful of this company!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of i cant get a response and money back guarantee is a scam. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of pass guaranteed website and associated monetary loss in the amount of $109. Pass Guaranteed needs to "provide the current exam (not uoutdated one)" according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned pass guaranteed website in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Pass Guaranteed.

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I have used PG for the VCP510 and it helped me pass the exam.I have used PG for about 5 years now and I am satisfied with their products.

I have read this post and others and to me it sounds like someone is attacking them from the looks of it.All these posts do look like they are being done by the same person.


Caveat emptor!Buyer beware!

Its "money back guarantee" is totally a joke, and you will never ever get a refund.

Basically PG's products are useless and misleading,

and they never want to honor the refund policy once you paid.

It is a scammer!

The problem is these tests did not help in passing the real exam at all!!!

Don't rely on these practice tests to ensure passing the real exam because these practice tests have limited value and do not prepare for the actual exam. they also have so many duplicated questions as other posters complained about.

It is a scammer!Never buy any product from them!!

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #1017685

It is very obvious you are a competitor and I will be here as one of their loyal customers to air out your fake posts.Anybody with a brain can figure you out in fact you have already been figured out.

Just read the below and it is clear as day you are the same person along with many other posts you have made.

Your own admissions and posts give it all away! If you are indeed real which to me is very unlikely based on the posts you have made, you messed up because it clearly states on their guarantee they do not refund expired products.

I don't know anything about the RCDD-001 as I currently study VMware from PG but if you stated the RCDD-001 was expired then yes, their guarantee doesn't cover expired products and why should it if you ask me.You messed up and no matter how many times you say the same thing, you are giving yourself away more and more as being from the competition which many posts made these days are from competitors as they have the most to gain!


PG guy(s) will never admit its fraud as expected. The way it represents ia immature and childish. Please grow up!


I took the 200-001 and passed without any problems from PG.I read the below and I do agree this is indeed a competitor just like many other posts written about PG.

The spelling, grammar etc... all points the same person.

1. Above screenshot is done in Microsoft Word


You ordered an expired exam which doesn't make any sense

3. If you were real and indeed made a purchase, it clearly states on PG Guarantee that they do not refund an exam that is retired all of a sudden from the vendor.

4. You made an exact same post on April 4 here on these boards which leads me to believe you are also the same person along with the speaking pattern of your post.

5. 85% of posts done these days on products is indeed done by competitors 6.

Any customer like myself if they need to contact PG, they are always available not like many other vendors which leads me to believe they are one of the best vendors out there because of their support and quick responses. 7. The way you communicate yourself along with your slang and grammar issues, you shouldn't be doing any exam and even if you had an exam with all the questions, chances are you still would fail if it was based in the English Language. It clearly states on their guarantee page if an exam is wrongly purchased or expired a refund is not given.

I have used them many times in the past and I prefer to use them then any of the 1000s other vendors out there.


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The facts are

1.Customer purchased the practice exam


Pass Guarantee sold old, discontinued version

3. Customer failed the exam

4. Customer requested the refund


Pass Guarantee did not comply with its money back guarantee Not many words needed..Pass Guarantee guy has even insulted the frustrated customer!


Cosumers is Consumers.Check your spelling so obvious its the same person writing all the same posts.

Your right about judging black and white as you are the same person writing for a competitor. It is obvious you are the same person working for some other company. After looking thru other posts you have done, you made the same exact post on April 4.

Studies have shown that 85% of posts online are from competitors and this is just one of those examples especially all the posts below are from the same person.

Here is just one example here in which this happens all the time and they have found competitors are making most of the posts.

I agree, people are not idiots and they can clearly see you are one of those people that are easily identified as a competitor with using exact same wording, spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.Your posts give it away!


Not associated what so ever.Just here defending them as they helped me many times in the past and present with many exams I had to take.

I also have alot of time on my hands.

It is very clear your posts below are the same person who also made the post about the RCDD which in fact RCDD-001 is offered thru Vue.You are the same person on all these posts and I have sent pissedconsumer an email about this as well and I am sure PG will follow up with this as well and I hope they find who you are and which site you are doing this for.

to Anonymous #1017361

Cosumers are not idiots as you think.They can judge which one is black or white.

PG had been in scam and fake business, cheating its customers for a while.It should stop!

to Anonymous #1017471

RCDD-001 has been replaced by RCDD-002 over an year ago.

Vue is still offering it but it has nothing to do with BICSI.

It is a retired exam, and actually you cannot even register to take the test anymore.

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