I chatted with Jennifer to be confirmed I am getting a new RCDD-002 exam by paying $109.00. As soon as I downloaded the product, it appeared to be out-dated version.

Contacted tech support, Vincent, he falsely confirmed me again it was the latest version. I claimed Paypal, but it said no refund possible because it was an intangible item. Be aware and careful, Paypal buyers!! Paypal's purchase policy is tricky as well, and Pass-guarantee.com has been fully taking advantage of this gray area.

I took the test, and failed as expected.

I requested money back to Pass-guarantee.com saying 24 hours response time, but no replies yet even I sent an email. One of the worst customer service company I have ever seen.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Forget it!

They declined to give me a refund after I filled out their form and sent them a scanned copy of the exam results.

You won't get a refund no matter what.

PG is just a scammer!


PG does not offer RCDD-002. They offer RCDD and RCDD-001 so how did you order RCDD-002 if they only offer RCDD-001.

You seem to be someone who ordered a different product yet you are mentioning another product that they don't even offer on the website. From the reply it clearly states you have the order that you have ordered.

to John San Ramon, California, United States #971510

RCDD has only one test which is RCDD-002! RCDD and RCDD-001 are out-dated ones.

PG should not sell the out-dated exam which does not make sense. Who need the old exam that is not offered anymore??

Are you taking MS DOS or Windows 95 test these days?

I had the same experience from PG.

Be aware of this company.

to RCDD exam student #1463277

So what did you use all those who passed using rcdd- 002? I need help

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